Wahl - Home Pro 200 Serie Hair Clipper (9247‐1116)

Wahl - Home Pro 200 Serie Hair Clipper (9247‐1116)
Categories: Furniture, Storage
Brand: Wahl
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Here you get a hair clipper, which is on cord. The cord allows you to cut without thinking about whether the hair clipper runs out of power before you finish cutting. The mower also has self-sharpening precision inserts. They make it easy for you to make a uniform and precise haircut every time. Remember that you can extend the sharpness and life of the mower blade if you regularly maintain it with blade oil. The hair clipper can cut all the way down to 1 mm if you use it without 1 of the 4 included spacers. The spacers allow you to cut in many different lengths, so you can always make new and exciting hairstyles. You get a storage bag with you when you buy the hair clipper set. You can use it to hold all the parts and cut together in one place. At the same time, you prevent spacers and other accessories from disappearing or lying around.Benefits:Cutting width 45 mmMinimum cutting distance 1 mm4 spacers: 3 - 6 - 10 - 13 mmIntegrated click systemSelf-sharpening precision insertsElectromagnetic vibration motorWire-basedThe set contains:Cleaning brushCutting oilScissorsCombStorage bag