Trust GXT 133 Locx Gaming Mouse

Trust GXT 133 Locx Gaming Mouse
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Brand: Trust
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Key featuresSpeed select button (800- 4000 dpi)LED illuminated top cover with 4 colour breathing effect6 Responsive buttonsAmbidextrous form factor1.8m nylon braided cableAccurate gaming mouseAll champions start at the bottom of the ranking. To reach the gaming top, it takes hours and hours of practice. The accurate GXT 133 Locx Gaming Mouse comes with 6 responsive buttons and comfortable textured sides to get you through all those practice hours. Be on top of your game!Get ready!This mouse’s high precision 800 – 4.000 dpi optical sensor offers you great speed and accuracy. Whatever game you’re playing or enemy you’re facing, there is always the right setting. With just one click on the speed select button, the Locx gaming mouse is ready for what is coming.Idle modeWhen you don’t use the mouse, the mouse will go into an attractive 4 colour breathing effect.Breathing coloursThe unique design of the alluring top cover illumination will draw your enemies in your web. The colours are connected to your dpi settings; 800 dpi gives you a breathing red light, 1200 dpi comes with a breathing blue light, 2400 dpi for green and 4000 dpi gives you fuchsia illumination.Advanced designThis gaming mouse has a symmetrical design which makes it suitable for all gamers, left or right-handed. It also has textured sides for extra grip during long gaming sessions. To prevent your cable from twisting, the mouse has a 1.8m nylon braided USB cable. Get ready for some gaming fun!SpecificationsGeneralHeight of main product (in mm) 129 mmFormfactor standardWidth of main product (in mm) 69 mmDepth of main product (in mm) 42 mmTotal weight 133 gWeight of main unit 94 gErgonomic design no ConnectivityConnection type wiredCable length main cable 180 cmBluetooth noUSB version 2.0Connector type USB-A male FeaturesSilent click noOn-board memory noGliding pads UPESoftware noSpecial features Gaming IlluminationDPI adjustable yes GamingDesigned for gaming yesGame type FPS, RPG LightingLights yesLED colours Red Blue Green PurpleLED colours adjustable No, 4 colour breathing effect InputPower source USB SensorDPI 800, 4000DPI range 800 dpi - 4000 dpiMax. DPI 4000 dpiSensor technology opticalAcceleration 10 GPolling rate 500HzTracking speed 48 ips CompatibilityCompatible Consoles PS4, Xbox OneCompatible Device Types pc, laptop, gaming consoleCompatible Software Platforms Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS ControlGrip type palm, clawHorizontal scrolling noNumber of buttons 6DPI button yesProgrammable buttons noNumber of Programmable buttons 0Number of macro buttons 0Adjustable weight noSuitable surface non-reflective flat surfaceMacro programming noLeft-right handed use right-handed, left-handedScroll wheel yesTrackball no