Evercade Indie Heroes Collection 1 Cartridge

Evercade Indie Heroes Collection 1 Cartridge
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Brand: Team 17
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Turn up retro gaming on your Evercade Retro gaming console and fill it up with new game cartridges so you can relive the games you remember from the old days.The ‘Indie Heroes’ Collection 1 Cartridge brings 14 independently developed games to Evercade.Originally made for classic systems, this specially curated line-up showcases talented developersfrom around the world. From platformers to story-driven horrors – this collection has plenty of depthand variety.The ‘Indie Heroes’ Collection 1 Cartridge contains the following games:PLOIDUCHUSENKUBO 3SUPER HOMEBREW WARFLEACHAIN BREAKQUEST ARRESTTWIN DRAGONSDOODLE WORLDFOXYLANDDEBTORDEADEUSALIEN CAT 2ANGUNA