TRILLE - Flex Fit Harness

TRILLE - Flex Fit Harness
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Brand: Trille
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Stroller/Bed harness (6-36 months) from Trille. Flexible stroller harness that does not need to be removed to move the child under the caleche. The harness has a child-proof and padded buckle. The harness has metal carabiner hooks and the fabric on the back is padded and made of soft soft shell material, which is comfortable to lie on. . The harness may be used in carts / beds with an internal max width of 65 cm. Must be attached to the carriage bed base and used only for children lying on their backs. Withstands heavy drag.The harness has been tested by the Consumer Laboratory - and meets all safety requirements for baby harnesses in EN 13210: 2004. In addition, it meets DVN’s security requirements when properly applied.The harness must fit the child so that it sits close to the body so that the child cannot work free of the harness, as well as tighten tightly on both sides. It is recommended that the carriage be fitted with a support brace. Remember that even with a good harness, the baby should be looked after regularly.WARNING: - Do not use with line - Do not use in powerful vehicles - Belt fasteners must be compatible with the product usedProduct info:Wasking directions: 40 graderMaterials: Fabric harness: 100% polyester.Straps: 100% bomuld. Buckles: Nylon/Acetal. Carabiners: Zink-AluminiuStrength: Tåler kraftige trækpåvirkninger.EN 13210:2004TRILLETRILLE is an award winning Danish brand from the Danish company Babytrold, which has developed prams since 1994. By the TRILLE brand they develop pushchairs and prams in new designs and colors, which always is in full harmony with the newest knowledge in the concerned area and the trends of the time. The TRILLE wagons excels by there way to adapt all your needs and expectations to a wagon. You can get large prams with long lying dimensions and smaller, handy combi wagons that is compact and space saving. The TRILLE wagons are specially designed to the climate. The fabric is coated, which makes it wind and waterproof, so your child can sleep safely outside.All wagons from TRILLE is tested and approved by the Consumer lab