TIGI - Bed Head Blow-Out Golden Illuminating Shine Cream

TIGI - Bed Head Blow-Out Golden Illuminating Shine Cream
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Brand: TIGI
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Bed Head Blow-Out Shine Cream from TIGI is a delicious shine cream that can be used for all hair types. It has an anti-frizz effect, and is therefore very good for slightly wrinkled or unruly hair. It smoothes the hair, giving a more controlled hairstyle. It has a beautiful and very fresh fragrance, and provides a medium hold. The TIGI Bed Head Blow-Out Shine Cream can be used for all hair colors, but especially for brown and reddish hair, it really comes to mind as it gives a beautiful and natural shine.Application:Distribute 2 pumps in wet or dry hairStyle as desiredBenefits:Super delicious shine-giving product from TIGIGood for all hair typesAnti-frizz effectHas a smoothing effectFine and fresh fragranceMedium holdGives the hair an incredibly beautiful shineTIGI Hair Care was founded by the Mascolo brothers are original from Italy. They built the TIGI company in London and therefore know as an English brand. It did not take a long time until TIGI got on the same level as the leading hair care producers in the world. A great advantage of the TIGI company is that it has professional hair stylists directly contributing to the development of the products. TIGI Hair care offers complete professional hair care product solutions for home use. This is what makes TIGI so unique.