Slush Puppie - Slush Ice Machine (UK Version) (9041)

Slush Puppie - Slush Ice Machine (UK Version) (9041)
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Brand: Fizz Creations
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Cool retro vibesEnjoy the chilled, slushy taste of nostalgiaGet that authentic blue-tongue look all over againEasily create your own slushies, iced coffees and frozen cocktails!All the retro pup stylings of the original machineClassic cherry and raspberry-flavoured syrups available separatelyThe brightly coloured tongues, the powerful brain freeze, the intoxicating sugar high. Slush Puppies were the sh*t, and now you can make them in the comfort of your own home! Replete with all the authentic retro finishings of the original; this legendary countertop machine will let you churn out fruit Slush Puppies, iced coffees or frozen cocktails to your heart’s content. Simply load up the drum with ice, table salt (don’t worry, you can’t taste it) and your juice or syrup of choice – then watch in wonder as it pumps out cool slushie delights.Please Note:If you’re making alcoholic drinks you’ll need to add the alcohol once you’ve poured out the Slush Puppy mix, as alcohol doesn’t freeze at the temperatures the Slushie Maker producesProduct Features:Counter top-sized replica Slush Puppy machineFeatures all the retro pup stylings of the originalSuper easy to useJust add syrups, ice, water and salt to create delicious slushiesCan make 1 litre of frozen slush every 15-25 minutesThe syrups come in 500ml bottles – which makes about 4 litres of slush!Mains poweredOfficially licensedDimensions:Measures approximately 25cm(W) x 50cm(H) x 25cm(D)Comes with English power connector