Ecooking - 50+ Good Night Cream 50 ml

Ecooking - 50+ Good Night Cream 50 ml
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Brand: Ecooking
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Pamper your skin while you sleep with this super caring Goodnight Cream from Ecooking’s 50+ series.During the night, your skin has peace to absorb all the nourishing ingredients in your skin care products. With Goodnight Cream from Ecooking’s 50+ series, your skin can get the ultimate beauty sleep. The mask has both moisturizing and firming properties, which help your skin to regenerate and fill in wrinkles and fine lines. While you are in dreamland, your skin is renewed by CBD, which goes in and strengthens the skin with lots of fatty acids, mineral salts and vitamins. In addition, your skin receives moisture from the mask’s hyaluronic acid and electrolytes, which also bind the moisture in the skin. Last but not least, the stem cells in the mask, which come from wild olive trees, will tighten the skin and give it new energy. Wake up every morning with a skin that looks fresher and smoother than when you went to bed. Goodnight Cream is allergy certified, vegan, dermatologically tested and fragrance free.Application:Apply on cleansed skinUse in the eveningAdvantage:Super wonderful Goodnight Cream from EcookingFrom the 50+ seriesProvides moistureTightens the skinGives more fresh skinCounteracts wrinkles and fine linesWith CBD from citrus peelsEnriched with fatty acids, mineral salts and vitaminsAllergyCertifiedVeganDermatologically testedPerfume free