Pudderdåserne - A-Serum 5% 50 ml

Pudderdåserne - A-Serum 5% 50 ml
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Brand: Pudderdåserne
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This A-Serum from Pudderdåserne consists of the number 1 enemy of wrinkles - Vitamin A!If you have aged, dry and wrinkled skin, this serum will be a good friend to keep on the bathroom shelf. The serum is completely unique, and contains a milder and more active form of vitamin A than the traditional one, resulting in far less irritation. There have even been trials that show a dramatic reduction in wrinkles using vitamin A 2% for 14 days! The serum is particularly suitable for wrinkles and aged skin, but can also help with hyperpigmentation, impure skin or enlarged pores.A-Serum is available in two variants. Start with 2%, and after using the first bottle of this, you can switch to A-Serum 5%.Application:Use A-Serum once a day - every nightAlways remember to protect yourself from the sun during the day after using A-Serum in the eveningAdvantage:Pudderdåserne - A-Serum 5% 50 mlSerum with vitamin AIdeal for dry, aged and wrinkled skin