Essie - Gel Couture Nail Polish - 30 Sew Me

Essie - Gel Couture Nail Polish - 30 Sew Me
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Brand: Essie
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Quick-drying and long-lasting gel-like nail polish that dries instantly without the use of a UV lamp.There is no doubt that Essie nail polishes are among the best in the world, and for a very special reason. The well-defined structure, the wide color palette and the good balance between the color and gloss of the varnish help to place Essie among the top of the world’s nail polish manufacturers. Gel Couture from Essie has a shelf life of up to 14 days, shines beautifully and is available in countless shades, which must be used with a specially formulated topcoat. The colors are easy to put on in a 2-step system and are also super easy to remove again.Application:Clean your nails with a nail polish remover to remove grease, oil and dirt from the nailsShake the bottle for 30 seconds before useApply 2 thin coats of varnish per neglTo avoid streaks, hold the brush completely horizontally down on the nail when varnishingLet the nail polish dry for 60 seconds between coatsApply topcoat for a flawless gel-like shineA UV lamp should not be usedAdvantage:Super lovely gel nail polish from EssieIncredibly long lastingShort drying timeSuper easy to usePrecise application