Nofred - Wooden Penholder - Blue

Nofred - Wooden Penholder - Blue
Categories: Furniture, Storage, Table, Desks
Brand: Nofred
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The Penholder in wooden – designed by Nofred – keeps aesthetic control of the child´s desk, wide range of pencils andfelt tip pens. The Penholder claims and embrace creativity and is the child´s new creative tool at an arm’s length. ThePenholder design and functionality add the ability to add brushes, scissors, a ruler´s, a little note pad etc. The designand appearance can easily follow the child around the entire home as an open pencil case. It´s portable betweencreative and study spaces, and no placement is wrong or right, your child can use it just as they please.Supplement to the Mouse Series, portable, aesthetic, and simple in design for storing pens while they are not beingused. Holds a set of 12 pencils, and a set of the favorite 8 wide pens. The wide holes are adaptable and can also hold3 coloring pencils.Storage of creativity for tables and desks in the entire home or in creative and study spaces. Ash with a non-toxiclayer of paint and poses parts of ash wood, for a touch of the craftmanship.Two colour ways.