Muubs - Dining Chair Yogo-S - Black (8020000309)

Muubs - Dining Chair Yogo-S - Black (8020000309)
Categories: Furniture, Table, Chairs
Brand: Muubs
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The Yogo-S dining Chair from Muubs is a light and comfortable chair in durable polycarbonate material. The Yogo chair by Papatya has a minimalistic feel and a timeless design, that can be combined with furniture in different design. Combine the Yogo chair with the Muubs Rockerfeller table in fiber concrete to create a raw, Nordic inspired contrast to the chair. The stackable chair is an absolute dining room essential.Useful information about Muubs Dining Chair Yogo-SSize: W: 47 x H: 79 x D: 47 cm Material: Polypropylene/Powderlack