L.O.L. Surprise - OMG 3.8 Doll - Downtown BB (570295)

L.O.L. Surprise - OMG 3.8 Doll - Downtown BB (570295)
Categories: Furniture, Dressers
Brand: L.O.L.
39 GBP
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Get ready to be surprised by this cool LOL Surprise Fashion Doll!With this LOL Surprise! OMG fashion doll, your child can unpack 20 surprises. This is Downtown BB who has a lot of amazing properties, cute hair and her very own enchanting style. There are three dolls to collect (sold separately), each of which comes in a unique packaging that can be transformed into a beautiful dressing room/closet. Your child can get to know each doll by reading the individual personality descriptions and horoscope magazines.Product info:Includes: - 20 surprises - 1 LOL Surprise! OMG fashion doll - cool outfit, shoes, accessories - doll stand - wrapping turns into a closetCollect all 3 dolls: 24k DJ, Downtown BB, Uptown Girl (sold separately)From 4 years