Kettler Copper Patio Lantern Large 2000W

Kettler Copper Patio Lantern Large 2000W
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Brand: Kettler
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Product consists of: 1 x 2021 Kettler Copper Patio Lantern Medium 2000WAbout:The Kettler Copper Patio Lantern Large will warm your guests this summer with its 2000 watt heat output. A sleek modern copper tinge design is brought together with a modern cylindrical cage, inside is a rose gold tube which emits heat. This heater will only ever visually low glow, so won’t ever glare too bright. It is also easy to move around your space with the carry ring attached atop. Rated IP55 which means it’s highly resistant to dust and moisture, so it’s fine to be left outdoors for extended periods. See below link for IP rating explanation. The tallest of three siblings it’s the choice if heat projection is your concern.Kettler Copper Patio Lantern Medium 2000W Key Features: Contemporary design with copper finish and cage. Stylised carry ring for mobility Available in a choice of sizes (Small, Medium & Large). IP Rating: IP55. IP Rating explained Electric cable length: 1.8mPlease note any damaged parts should be replaced immediately to ensure the safety of the user, seek spare parts straight from Kettler. Never use indoors, never cover or use in close proximity to flammable substances/materials.