Ferm Living - Tray For Plant Box Wood - Smoked Oak (1104262979)

Ferm Living - Tray For Plant Box Wood - Smoked Oak (1104262979)
Categories: Furniture, Table
Brand: Ferm Living
Size: M
35 GBP
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If you already have a Plant Box from Ferm Living, then it is definitely missing something. It lacks its best friend, and the best friend is right here, in the form of this hill. Name a more iconic duo, I dare you.This tray is almost indispensable if you are already an owner of the popular Plant Box from Ferm Living. If you do not already own a Plant Box from Ferm Living, well then what are you doing here? We recommend that you buy one before buying this. Adding this tray to your arsenal of Ferm Living products opens up a lot of new possibilities, specifically in terms of how you can personally decorate your home.The tray covers 1/3 of the plant box, which means it can be used as a lid for your plant box. Suddenly, your plant box can be transformed into a coffee table, a bedside table or who knows, maybe something completely different. Only your imagination limits all the things you can do with this tray.Useful information about Ferm Living Tray For Plant Box WoodSize: W: 26 x H: 1.2 x D: 26 cmMaterial: Oiled oak veneer with PU coatingFits Plant Box and Plant Box Two-TierCare instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not leave the surface wet