Eva Solo - Champagne Coupe Glass (541007)

Eva Solo - Champagne Coupe Glass (541007)
Categories: Furniture, Dressers, Table
Brand: Eva Solo
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This unique mouth-blown champagne glass with its iconic angled rim will add the finishing touch to any special event. Both on the table and in the hand. The shape of the Champagne Coupe makes it particularly suitable for sweet sparkling wines and champagne, allowing the aroma and the bubbles to quickly rise to the surface to enhance the taste. The thin, elegant rim of the glass ensures a refined drinking experience.Champagne Coupe belongs to the series of Eva Solo wineglasses which has been developed in close collaboration with professional sommeliers. The glass can also be used for drinks and even for serving snacks and small starters or desserts. Useful information about Eva Solo Champagne CoupeUnique mouth-blown glass and iconic angled rimSuitable for sweet, sparkling wines and champagneGood supplement to an existing wine collectionSize: H: 16 cm / Ø: 11,5 cmMaterial: GlassVolume: 20 clDishwasher-safe on glass programEva Solo - 100 years of Danish designEva Solo design Danish home accessories and cookware in a beautiful and exclusive design that combines aesthetics, functionality and high quality. They design tools that is a pleasure to look at, use and own.The history of the company dates as far back as 1913, but the Eva brand had its major breakthrough in 1952 with a bread and meat slicing machine that went on to become a design classic. The first of many. Today, the products are divided into several collections which are marketed worldwide. But the essence is still the same: aesthetics, functionality and quality.