Laan Mig Din Kone

Laan Mig Din Kone
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Lend Me Your Wife is a Danish film from 1957. Screenplay by Fleming Lynge and Preben Neergaard. Fun with Preben Marth as the young, eager salesman in director Gunnar Lauring’s company for baby equipment. He targets promotion, but the director finds it an insurmountable handicap for a sales manager in a company with their products that he is unmarried. Therefore, Marth has to get hold of a wife, so he borrows one in the form of Lily Broberg. A temporary solution must be said. The script is based on a novel by Erik Pouplier and is a light and laughable comedy directed jointly by Preben Neergaard and Anker. Gender and family roles as well as general prejudices come here on the changing table.