Bunchems – Pirates Theme Pack (20100011)

Bunchems – Pirates Theme Pack (20100011)
Categories: Furniture, Dressers
Brand: Bunchems
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Create your own pirate crew with the Bunchems Pirates Theme Pack! Bunchems are the colorful balls that magically bunch together without heat or glue, so you can easily create again and again. You can squish, connect, and create a one-legged pirate and choose to build the parrot sidekick or a cute crab! Bring your crew to life with 10 fun accessories like a mustache, sword and hook! The treasure chest accessory is perfect for imaginative play; fill it with the translucent Bunchems and help the pirate guard his gold! Bunchems easily pull apart, so you can create and re-create again and again! Bunchems is creativity that sticks – walk the plank with the Bunchems Pirates Theme Pack!