Barberians Copenhagen - Shaving Set

Barberians Copenhagen - Shaving Set
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Brand: Barberians Copenhagen
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Get dressed for the perfect shave with this lovely shaving set. This set contains the core products for a classic shave and completes the presentation of your barber setup. The set makes the experience something special, so treat yourself and your beard with quality products from Barberians Copenhagen. The box contains: Barberians Copenhagen’s Stand, Pure Badger Hair Brush and Safety Razor. The kit is perfect as a gift for the man and comes in a nice gift box.Barberians Copenhagen - StandElegant stand designed to dry your shaving brush optimally after use. Shaving brush sucks large amounts of water during use and to keep the core of the diet completely dry and the shape of your hair ideal we recommend using a stand. Barberians Copenhagen - Stand is recommended to Barberians for the brand’s own shawing brush and scrapers.Application: Attach the brush with the hairs downwards for the best drying and smoothing of the hairAlso attach your chosen razor downwards Benefits: Elegant stand from Barberians CopenhagenMade to dry your shaving brushKeeps the core of the diet completely dryProtects the shape of the hairBarberians Copenhagen - Shaving Brush / Pure BadgerHandmade beard shaving brush with the finest hair. The hair is soft and comfortable on the skin and produces a dense spread of shaving foam. The handle is made of African Ebony, which is characterized by the dark color. The steel is made of the finest Japanese steel, which is famous for its quality, durability and sharpness. The Shaving Brush from Barberians massages and prepares the beard stubble and skin for a perfect shave.Application:Use Shaving Brush to foam Barberian’s Shaving CreamApply the rich and creamy shaving foam on the faceStart the shaveRemember to clean the brush by cleaning it with waterGently twist excess water from the brushBenefits: Handmade beard brush from Barberians CopenhagenThe hair is soft and comfortable on the skinMassage and prepare the stubble and skin for a perfect shaveBarberians Copenhagen - Safety RazorClassic and traditional handmade scraper made of the best materials. The scribe has a solid handle with a perfect weight and balance and the time and detail and design have been spent. The handle is ebony, which is characterized by the dark color, which gives a nice finish. The Barberian Safety Razor has a protective element between the blade and the skin for safety. Razor blades are not included. Safety Razor from Barberians is a quality scraper of the best materials.Application: Screw off the headSeparate the head in two parts and apply the razor blade between themScrew carefully the head back on, ensuring it is tightShave with the Safety Razor – in the direction of the hair. Hold the razor in a 30° angleClean with waterBenefits: Quality scrapers from BarberiansBest materialsSolid handle