2021 Hartman Berkeley 4 Seat Garden Dining Set with Round Table & Parasol - Antique Grey/Platinum

2021 Hartman Berkeley 4 Seat Garden Dining Set with Round Table & Parasol - Antique Grey/Platinum
Categories: Furniture, Table, Chairs
Brand: Hartman
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Set consists of: 1 x 2021 Hartman Berkeley 107cm Cast Aluminium Round Dining Table - Antique Grey 1 x 2021 Hartman 2.5m diameter Parasol - Antique Grey/Platinum 1 x 2021 Hartman 15kg Parasol Base 4 x 2021 Hartman Berkeley Dining Chair with Weatherready® Dining Chair Cushions - Antique Grey/PlatinumAbout:Sometimes simplicity and traditional meet very pleasingly. The 2021 Hartman Berkeley 4 Seat Garden Dining Set with Parasol is one such example. Traditional cast aluminium production is used to form the round table and 4 seats but formed into a contemporary lattice design and given an attractive finish of antique grey powder coating. This cast aluminium dining set is therefore extremely versatile, it’ll nicely slot into many gardens with ease. Enjoy many years of dining alfresco on this attractive 4 seat garden dining set. The inherent quality of the metal means it will withstand weather all year round. A 2.5 metre wide parasol that matches the platinum shade of the cushions is operated by an easy-to-use crank handle, when fully extended will cast ample shade over the seated, doubling as light rain cover if the weather should switch courtesy of light water resistance built into the fabric. A 15kg base keeps the parasol anchored.Tactile and spongey cushions come in a complementary platinum shade, these are equipped for a turn in weather. Hartman’s Weatherready® functionality means light rain showers are repelled and heavier downpours will eventually permeate and drain through the cushions layers, drying naturally over time depending on local weather conditions. For best care just store these indoors come the winter. This tasteful cast aluminium patio furniture should provide a welcome refuge in the garden this season.2021 Hartman Berkeley 4 Seat Garden Dining Set with Round Table & Parasol key features: Weatheready® cushions repels showers, allows heavier/longer periods of rain to pass through permeable layers Contemporary design versatile for many garden arrangements. Cast aluminium will never rust Compact size for smaller spaces Elegant design Parasol is 2.5 metres diameter with easy-use crank handle Coated cast aluminium gives attractive finishAlthough cast aluminium furniture is by nature resistant and ready for the outdoors to best shield your furniture from tree debris, bird droppings or simply to keep it tidied away we recommend the use of a protective cover, below is a link to the specific fitting Hartman protective cover to be purchased separately: Hartman Cast Aluminium 4 Seat Round Set protective Cover