Make The Most Out Of Your Storage Furniture

If you are wondering how to make the most of your storage furniture, you are not alone. Most people are looking for ways to optimise the space they already have on top of keeping things neat and organised. At Inspirational Homes, we have several home storage solutions that will not only give you additional space to store your items but also keep your spaces aesthetically appealing and functional. There are several pieces you can invest in that serve numerous purposes on top of storing your items. What's more, you get to save up when you buy multiple purpose furniture.

You can browse storage solutions from our selection of affordable quality furniture to find any that suits your style or even the current theme and colours your rooms have.

Creative Ways To Use Storage Cubes

Using storage cubes in interior design has gained popularity over the years. This is because they are efficient, modern, and can be used in different rooms around the house. Although they are simple, this mode of storage comes with a variety of designs and materials.

You can create a splendid library display with cube storage anywhere in your house by using them to store books. What's more, your small library can also serve as a room divider. The process of organising a home bar can be stressful, but using storage cubes can make it easier.

Storage Baskets For The Best Organisation

Storage baskets can be an unlikely go-to piece of decor for storing an array of items. You can reduce the clutter in your rooms and improve the room's aesthetic by choosing this convenient method of storage. If you are constantly losing your remotes, a small basket would be perfect to start storing them.

Storage baskets give you a neat and lightweight solution to keeping things under your bed or next to your armchairs. You can pick square, lightweight baskets with grips for easy storage. If you are a fan of indoor plants, baskets serve as a great way to present them. Choosing earth or plant coloured baskets will compliment both the plants and your room.

Transform Your Space With A Vintage Trunk

One of the most sought after home storage solutions is how to convert storage into a table. An old vintage trunk is perfect to take centre-stage in your living room as a coffee table. Depending on the style of the trunk, it can add depth and character to your rooms effortlessly. On top of that, you can store your blankets, books or electronics inside when not in use to reduce the clutter.

Depending on the storage trunk's material and finish, you can communicate your personality and style. For a contemporary feel, use a leather trunk with brass details. They are highly compatible with dark hues and add a sleek charm to the room. Wooden trunks give off a vintage vibe and add interest to the decor. You can contrast the colour of your trunk with surrounding furniture to brighten up the room.