Zmarttools - Face Mask Type II - 20 Pcs

Zmarttools - Face Mask Type II - 20 Pcs
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Brand: Zmarttools
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The face masks are intended to protect both the user and the environment against the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate matter, and thus reduce infection by viruses, including COVID-19. Breathable and comfortable to use for i.a. shopping trips, public transport, gatherings, etc. Mouth binding is available in packs of 20 pieces and 50 pieces.Approved according to the EN 14683: 2019 standardUse:Open the package and remove the mouthpieceThe slats are placed so that they face away from the faceThe nosepiece is turned upwards and placed so that it rests on the bridge of the noseThe elastic loops are stapled around each earThe bottom of the mouthpiece is pulled down so that it rests on the lower jawAttach / press the nosepiece around the bridge of the nose to adjust the fit of the mouthpieceAlways make sure that the mouthpiece closes tightly around the nose and mouthWarning:Check that the package is intact and that the product has not expired before useDo not reuse, should be discarded after each useStorage: The product must be stored cool (Min 15 ° C), dry and away from heat and direct sunlight.Shelf life: 2 yearsExtra info:Main material: 66% non-woven + 34% meltblown fabricCE ApprovedAdult size: 17.5x9.5 cm (A175)3-layer mask with elastic cord for the earsAdjustable nose clip that ensures a good fitComfortable, skin-friendly and easy to useRead instructions before use