Vintage Wooden Nandi Cow - Large Large

Vintage Wooden Nandi Cow - Large Large
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Brand: Scaramanga
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Vintage Wooden Nandi Cow - Large - As part of Scaramanga’s 2019 collection - this is an original large vintage wooden Nandi cow. We have only 5 of these unique statutes available.Handcrafted from wood, each Nandi is unique in its own special way. The charming wooden-wheeled cows differ in form, texture and their splashes of colour.Sourced from Northern India, a Nandi is a representation of the sacred gatekeeper of the Hindu god Shiva. The sculptural Nandis are a common sight at Hindu temples.Original Wooden Nandi - Large - average size: W28-30cm x D7-8cm x H 12-15cm.These old wooden