Universal Pikachu Plush Pouch XL (Hori)

Universal Pikachu Plush Pouch XL (Hori)
Categories: Furniture, Cabinets
Brand: Hori
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The officially Nintendo and Pokemon licensed Pikachu Universal Plush Pouch from HORI is an ALL purpose, cute carry case for your 2DS/3DS consoles. It doesn’t stop there though - you can put anything in this thing! It’s perfect for Pokemon GO Trainers who want to carry their phone; keys; lunch; Make-Up, WHATEVER in absolute Pokemon style. HORI is your go-to for all things Pokemon. Get the HORI edge.Perfect for Pokemon GO Trainers on the GO! - carry your lunch, phone, even your spare Pokeballs!Universal Pikachu-themed Plush Pouch - Can contain 2DS/3DS/NEW 3DS/New 3DS XL ConsolePerfect for Pokemon 20th year anniversarySoft-to-the-touch high quality plush material