Top Model - Neon Marker Set (043555)

Top Model - Neon Marker Set (043555)
Categories: Furnishing, Mirrors
Brand: Topmodel
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The set includes four highlighter pens with bright and highly opaque neon inks. Dried or still damp, the ink can be wiped off any wipeable and sealed surface with a moist cloth. This way there is a wide range of possible uses: for embellishing mobile phone cases, mirrors mugs, plastic boxes or clear film. The pens can also be used on abrasive surfaces such as cardboard. However, the ink cannot be wiped off there again. Prior to use the pen has to be shaken and the tip has to be firmly pressed onto a surface several times until the tip is filled with ink. The set is wrapped in a transparent zipped bag that also can be embellished with the pens.