That's Mine - Nursing Pillow - Golden Mist (NP56)

That's Mine - Nursing Pillow - Golden Mist (NP56)
Categories: Furniture, Chairs
Brand: That's Mine
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Create a cozy and comfortable moment when your baby needs to be breastfed or have a bottle with this lovely nursing pillow.The fantastic nursing pillow from That’s Mine is multifunctional and designed for expectant and new parents. The pillow meets the important needs when the baby is breastfed or needs a bottle. The nursing pillow has an innovative design with a lot of practical features - it can be used for both a child or twins, and the length of the pillow allows you to tie it around the body. A small, soft blade is attached so that your baby always has a comfort blanket at hand. The nursing pillow provides a lot of support for both you and your baby, and can be used both during pregnancy as a sleeping pillow or when the baby is slightly larger as a chair or headrest. A fantastic nursing pillow, where the small details have been thought of, so that you and your baby’s comfort is always ensured.Useful information about That’s Mine Nursing Pillow:Dimensions: 77 x 72 cmMaterial: Upholstery in 100% organic cottonFill KrøyerkugleDanish designProduced in Denmark