That's Mine - Comfy Me Baby ​Pillow - Autumn (CM78)

That's Mine - Comfy Me Baby ​Pillow - Autumn (CM78)
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Brand: That's Mine
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This award-winning Comfy me baby pillow is designed for mums on the go with their babies, to give the best possible support when breast- or bottlefeeding outside the home. The design is multifunctional and meets the needs that may arise, replacing breastfeeding pillows, cuddle cloths, wraps and cover blankets. At the back of the pillow you will find an arm pocket with a cover blanket giving privacy. The cover is great for the baby to only concentrate on eating and not get disturbed by the surroundings. And if the blanket is unnecessary, it can simply be tucked away in the baby pillow pocket. The function of the pillow makes it easy to move the child’s position further into the bed and the stroller. Comfy me baby pillow is designed in 100 % organic, soft cotton and is a great gift for all new parents.Useful information about That’s Mine Comfy Me Baby PillowSize: 28 x 37 cmMaterial: 100% Organic cottonDanish designProduced in Denmark