Squishmallows - 40 cm Plush - Alejandra The Bunny (2016PB5 )

Squishmallows - 40 cm Plush - Alejandra The Bunny (2016PB5 )
Categories: Furniture, Sofa
Brand: Squishmallows
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Say hello to your child’s new best friend! Your child will love hugging the super soft Squishmallows stuffed animal.This large and super soft teddy bear is the perfect sofa and pillow friend for your child. This is Alejandra, who is a purple batik-colored rabbit with fluttering ears and a white belly - she loves to play games and take a walk on the beach. The lovable stuffed animal is so soft that you have to hug it to understand how soft it is. The plush material helps to calm the child at bedtime and provide security during the day. All Squishmallows have their own completely unique style and personality, which stimulates the imagination and encourages lots of fun play for children of all ages.Product info:Squishmallows stuffed animalsSuper soft to hug40 cm highFor children of all ages