Speedlink - Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Speedlink - Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
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Brand: Speedlink
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Speedlink - Wireless Vertical Ergonomic MouseWith the FIN Wireless Vertical Mouse, even long stints at the desk are no problem. The ergonomically shaped vertical mouse ensures a naturalposition so is gentle on your tendons and joints. This means that injuryand long-term damage to the wrist, shoulder and neck is effectivelyprevented. Aside from the health benefits, the mouse’s technical featuresare also sure to impress. The wireless connection and reach of up to tenmetres allows you to work freely no matter where your computer ispositioned. Thanks to the built-in lithium ion battery, you don’t have toworry about replacing batteries. The 500mAh charge and on/off button aswell as an intelligent energy-saving mode ensure long-lastingperformance. The dpi switch can be used to easily adjust the desiredsensor resolution, while five ergonomically arranged buttons make usepleasant and effective. The FIN Wireless Vertical Mouse is completed bya ring of multicoloured lighting, creating an atmospheric ambiance at your desk.Features:Wireless mouse with 5 buttons + dpi switch - Ergonomic, verticalshape for right-handed users - Optical sensor with adjustableresolution: 800 / 1,200 / 1,600dpi - Intelligent energy-saving mode - Reach: up to 10m - Battery: 500mAh lithium ion - Charge: USB-C /USB-A charging cable - Connection: USB port - Dimensions: 115 ×80 × 75mm (L × W × H) - Weight: 115g (without charging cable)EAN: 4027301638868 / SL-630025-BK