Small Wood - Birthday Cream Cake (L40004)

Small Wood - Birthday Cream Cake (L40004)
Categories: Furniture, Dressers
Brand: Small Wood
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Delicious Small Wood play food consisting of a birthday cake in five pieces, five candles and a plate to serve it on. The Small Wood cake is made of wood and the cake pieces have holes for the candles to sit in the cake. The five candles are in different colors and with “fire” in the top and on the inside of the cake there are layers of different kinds.Cantains: 5 Slicer of cakes, 5 Wooden Candles, 1 Wooden Chocolate Decoration, 1 PlateSmall Wood is a new series of inspiring wooden toys for realistic role-playing. Emphasis is placed on fine details, nice finish and good play value in the role play.Role play is important for children’s development, here they learn something about themselves and about social relationships. Small Wood presents wonderful products for the classic role-playing games in the kitchen, restaurant, grocery store and home.