Sitpack - Sitpack Pitch Black

Sitpack - Sitpack Pitch Black
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This telescope-like contraption is actually a handy, portable stool. You can turn any waiting situation into a sitting one.Sitpack folds down to a tall, cup-sized capsule you can slip into a purse or backpack and opens to T-shaped surface you can lean on. Anywhere. Rest at concerts, sporting events, or while in a long line. Because your legs stay extended, Sitpack is better for their circulation than your average chair.While at a music festival, Denmark-based Maker Jonas Lind-Bendixen waited three hours for Prince to go on stage and then noticed thousands of chairs left behind. He wanted to create a seat—no bigger than a beverage can—that people could travel with.When you’re ready to rest, adjust the height until it’s just right. The rubber grip at the bottom keeps you steady whether you’re watching a game outdoors, waiting for the bus, or giving your legs a break at a standing desk.With the little closed format users can easily bring it with them and use it at the next event. Sitpack has become more than a festival chair and is used in a long row of situations, where it can be uncomfortable to stand up in a longer time for example: Waiting on a bus, train or flightWaitsing for a date/appointment - or your shopping better halfEnjoying a concert/festivalOn hiking, hunting and fishing trips Perfect for raise/lower tables in the office environment To make sure that we get the right product quality, Sitpack is produced in the middle of Jutland by the fabric Unika A/S, which is a one of the most recgnized toolmakers and plastic foundryers. Materials: 81% polycarbonate, 14% glass fiber, 1% silicone; Removable foot: TPECare: Rinse with water if dirtyPortable, telescopic design folds compact for transportRemovable rubber bottom stopper for added tractionGreat for concerts, sporting events, long-lines, festivals, and travelSeating height is adjustable from 25" to 34"Measures 6.5" in height and 2.5" in diameter when foldedWeight capacity: Can support up to 220 lbs.Made in DenmarkDimensions: Closed: 6.75" x 2.75" x 2.75"; Open: 34" x 13" x 3"Weight: 1.25 lbs.