Room Copenhagen - LEGO Book Rack - Pink

Room Copenhagen - LEGO Book Rack - Pink
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Brand: Room Copenhagen
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Is space a scarce commodity in the children’s room and could it use some fresh colors? Then there is a two-in-one solution here.LEGO has always been a favorite with children who enjoy letting their imagination run free and get lost in creative play, and now this wall-mounted book rack can help keep track of things when they can’t.With a stylish and easily recognizable design, the LEGO book rack is a colorful and fun alternative that can store everything that life as a child has to offer. Should it be placed on the wall or the dresser? You decide.Whether it is school books, coloring books, markers, games or something completely different, it can all easily be placed on the shelf, so the playing never has to stop. There needs to be plenty of space on the floor because the LEGO castle does not build itself, now does it?Size: 47,8 x 7,8 x 11,5 cm / 18,8 x 3,1 x 4,5 inMaterial: Polypropylene (PP)Safety: BPA and Phthalate freeNo PVC usedAvailable in a variety of colors