PRO-mounts Cre8tor Video Kit

PRO-mounts Cre8tor Video Kit
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Brand: PRO-mounts
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The perfect starter kit for all new video creators. An all-in-one video setup that can transform your room into a professional video studio using just your phone.With this video creator kit you get all the tools you need to instantly get started with video recording or live streaming. A mount you can place your phone in is complemented by a ring light that gives a professional touch to your recordings, which is also used by many professional video creators. The awesome ring light allows you to create close-up images without shadows, so you get very nice shots. The set also has a condenser microphone that can be used to record your beautiful voice and can be connected to all kinds of smartphones.To complete the whole set, it also comes with a telescopic table mount with a heavy metal base, so it does not fall when used with your Smartphone & Ringlight. The microphone does not require an external power supply and is easy to place together with the included stand.This All-In-One Kit includes all the tools you need to get started:Microphone with cord & TRRS plug for Stereo soundMicrophone standLighting adapter to connect the TRRS plug to all iPhonesUSB-C adapter to connect the TRRS plug to all Android phonesRing Light with 3 colour settings (Cold, Warm & Mixed colour setting)Smartphone Holder (hold all sizes smartphone, with or without cover)360 Ball head to connect to the Smartphone mount but can also be used to connect each DSLR and/or Compact camera, Action Camera, Handy Cam & More (using a ¼ mount)Telescopic Pole (200 tot 360mm) with heavy metal standSet of male & female adapters to connect the KitEAN: 8719274449041