Pearl Boba Tea Light (22198)

Pearl Boba Tea Light (22198)
Categories: Furniture, Desks
Brand: Firebox
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It’s only fair that the queen or king of milk tea has a companion to keep them safe and ambiently lit throughout the night, and what better night-light than this one?!This adorable little boba light is the cutest thing you can put on your desk. Powered by batteries, this thing provides a lovely glow through the walls of its ‘cup’. Maybe the milk has gone off.And we can’t neglect to mention the little boba balls inside that bump around inside, just like a real boba tea. But they’re not tapioca, so best not try to eat them. As if you’d be able to suck them up through a straw. Don’t try that at home, kids.A new meaning for the phrase ’tea light’An adorable night-light shaped like a boba tea!Complete with boba balls that move around (oo-er missus)Maybe don’t try to eat them thoughBattery-powered for zero ugly cable clutter!