Normann Copenhagen - Shoehorn Long - Black (322000)

Normann Copenhagen - Shoehorn Long - Black (322000)
Categories: Furniture, Shelfs, Chairs
Brand: Normann Copenhagen
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Flexibility and functionality are the essence of Skohorn. Designer Nis Øllgaard has worked in depth with the design to make the shoehorn’s function and design play together. The unique function of the shoe horn is the thin, flexible yet robust tip, which adapts to the foot and the shoe. The thickness and shape of the shaft are adapted to the hand and form a natural orientation in use. The shoe horn comes in both a short and a long version. The long version is easily hung on the wall using the included magnetic suspension. Hang the shoehorn in the entrance, conveniently next to your shoes, and let the sculptural design adorn the wall. For example, keep the short shoehorn on a shelf or in a drawer so that it is always at hand. The function of the shoe horn is superb when you sit down on a chair or stool while putting on your shoes. Quite simply a shoehorn in top quality that is suitable for boots, ankle boots and shoes. The long shoehorn has an included magnet, which makes it possible to hang it on the wall. Shoe horns are the ideal gift for those you love. Useful information about Norrmann Copenhagen Skohorn: Dimensions: H: 71.3 x L: 4.2 x D: 3.5 cm Material: Nylon Designed by Nis Øllgaard.