Normann Copenhagen - Hoop Rack - Black (380011)

Normann Copenhagen - Hoop Rack - Black (380011)
Categories: Furniture, Shelfs, Storage
Brand: Normann Copenhagen
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Canadian MSDS studio is behind this multifunctional coat rack Hoop from Normann Copenhagen. The signature of this hook is a soft and concise design of oval forms. Instead of hooks, they are formed as rings, whose hole’s room gives more space to hang accessories.The design is built up of capsule forms in a formal symmetry between the back piece’s round shape and the silhouette of the vertical hooks’ holes. The delicate rings are produced in metal, so they can be made with a very thin profile and a strong hold, while the wooden detail bring depth and texture to the design. The back piece is made of ash and the hooks are in metal.Useful information about Normann Copenhagen Hoop Rack Size: H: 10,5 x L: 81,5 x D: 5,3 cmMaterial: Steel and ashWeight: 0,7 kg Designed by MSDS Studio