Nofred - Mouse High Chair Junior - Grey

Nofred - Mouse High Chair Junior - Grey
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Brand: Nofred
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Mouse Chair Junior’s beautiful material and matte finish blends beautifully with the rest of the dining room chairs. Three functionalities that grows with your childAdjustable footrest to fit the growth of your child. The high chair offers friendly and sturdy seating whether it is all the essential meal times or other activities at the table during the day. Crafted with an aesthetic eye on the fine details adding value to the simple and beautiful design. The Mouse Chair Junior is designed to follow your child’s growth, giving your child joy for many years to come. With your child at the right height at the table in the heart of the family, everyone can be part of the conversation. Use the modern junior chair as a dining chair or as a desk chair, the perfect seat for homework.NOFREDWe make room for the amazing childhood! At Nofred we think that children should be included in all the rooms of the house.MAKING THE CHILD FEEL WELCOMEDanish design brand Nofred creates furniture and designs for children that enable a presence and closeness in the modern family. Every product is made so it is equally appreciated by children and adults and has the ability and quality to blend in with the overall interior of the home – making the children feel welcome in every room. Because of the timeless design, impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship each piece is created to last for generations supporting a more sustainable culture. Beautifully framing the good childhoodInterior products which will become your child’s natural haven before the great big world.Welcome to the world of Nofred – we are happy to have you on board. We cannot wait to tell you about our products, and how they are created from a deep believe that children’s products can be as beautiful as the items you save up for, bring into your home, and appreciate for many years to come.Beautiful frames with The Mouse RangeOur Mouse furniture-series will support the child in the small repetitions of the day; when tying shoes in the hallway (Mouse Bench) or when painting and relaxing in the afternoon (Mouse Chair & Table). The furniture will create a beautiful frame around the little everyday rituals, which gives the customer’s child a sense of safety and predictability. The Mouse furniture is available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, so there is an option for every child.