Muubs - Luna 18 Jar - Black (8470000122)

Muubs - Luna 18 Jar - Black (8470000122)
Categories: Furniture, Table
Brand: Muubs
Size: XS
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The little organic formed vase from Muubs has a completely unique surface, which has a moon surface look. It is created by forming, painting and burning the vase by hand. The nordic surface combined with its special surface gets a warmer look. The vase has the perfect size for having it on the window sill as an alternative cover for a flower pot, or on the dinner table as a centrepiece with a bouquet of wild flowers. Luna vase is 25 cm in diameter and the inner hole is 9,5 cm.Useful information about Muubs Luna 18 JarSize: H: 18 cm / Ø: 25 cmMaterial: TerracottaMuubsMuubs is a new Danish furniture company known for its innovative furniture and interior. Muubs furniture and interiors are produced exclusively in raw materials and all products have a raw and unique look, which fits into most homes. Muubs tests its new products by assessing whether a man will want the product or not. This helps to provide the collections with a masculine twist.