Mother Love - Snuggle and Cuddle Doll (1450)

Mother Love - Snuggle and Cuddle Doll (1450)
Categories: Furniture,Dressers
Brand: Mother Love
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This cute doll measures 38 cm and is perfect for the small doll mommies. The doll’s body is soft, so it can easily be hugged and cuddled like a real baby, and it can cry, laugh and make eating noises. The doll is dressed in a cute suit with a matching hat. This baby doll will without a doubt be a beloved possession of any child who loves playing with dolls.Give the baby doll her pacifier and she’ll start making baby noisesFeed her with the bottle or spoon and she’ll make eating noisesWhen she is full, she’ll fall asleepIf you take away her pacifier she’ll start crying. bounce her up and down to make her happy again or give her back the pacifier.38 cm doll with soft bodyRequiers 2 x AA Batteries (demo batteries included)Includes: Doll, interactive spoon, plate, interactive bottle, rattle, shoes and pacifier