Morsø - Fireplace/Grill Glove Left Hand (201003)

Morsø - Fireplace/Grill Glove Left Hand (201003)
Categories: Furniture, Table
Brand: Morsø
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Morsø is known for their quality from the inside out. Fire and grill are not only about heat, but also good experiences, and you can get that with a Morsø product. They made a nice barbecue mitt in strong suede and with great isolation, so you can move the burning sticks without burning yourself. It is a practical and indispensable friend to have at hand, when you fire up your fireplace, grill or bonfire. Suited for handling hot cocottes and grill. This mitt is also sold in a right-hand versionUseful information about Morsø Fireplace/Grill Glove Left Hand Left hand gloveMaterial: SuedeDesigner Klaus RathMorsøMorsø has been the new black for over 162 years and they are known for their high-quality products of cast iron. Many also know them for their burning stoves, but in 2015 they launched a whole new series of kitchen equipment that makes the experience better in the kitchen and at the table, and which of course is produced of cast iron, like everything else from Morsø. In connection with this, it is funny to think that Morsø in its time started by producing pans and pots back in 1853. In 2012, Morsø launched their first outdoor oven Forno, which is also a charming model, excellent for cooking and already a known design icon. Burning stoves and furnaces first came around 1900, when Morsø started producing and delivering furnaces and heating appliances to schools, churches, railways, ministries and last but not least, the royal house. And in 1915 Morsø was seriously put on the map, when they got the amazing title of Royal Purveyor.