Mimi & Lula - Hair Clips 5 pc, Mini florence (70201170)

Mimi & Lula - Hair Clips 5 pc, Mini florence (70201170)
Categories: Furniture, Dressers
Brand: Mimi & Lula
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Mimi & Lula is a beautiful brand with fantastic accessories designed for little girls to express their personality with flair, style and a little stardust. The brand was founded in 2017 by Natasha Hodson and Nicola Byrne, who both previously worked with well-known high street brands in adult girls accessories. When they had daughters themselves, they quickly realized that the accessories found on the market, did not quite fulfill the needs of their strong-willed daughters, and neither gave their parents new fun opportunities to dress their lovely children. Natasha and Nicola therefore decided to use their experience and passion to create their own comprehensive and inspirational collection with the purpose of always enchanting, captivating and delighting.