Love Diana - Mystery Shopper Playset (79853)

Love Diana - Mystery Shopper Playset (79853)
Categories: Furniture, Chairs
Brand: Love Diana
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There is nothing Love Diana loves more than shopping. No one ever knows what she ends up buying. What did she buy today?Love Diana is a mystery shopper. No one knows what she bought today. In Diana’s shopping bags you will find a world of surprises. Open your shopping bag and experience an entire salon inside. Put Diana in her chair and explore all the things she has bought on her shopping trip.From 3 yearsIncludes: Diana doll 33 cm - 13 surprises - beauty box - bracelet - 2 glitter bows - sunglasses - handbag - jacket - brush with appliqué sponge - shoes - movable chair - stickers for decorating your bag - tattoo - hair chalk and applicator