Logitech - Group conference cam

Logitech - Group conference cam
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Brand: Logitech
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Any meeting place can become a place for video collaboration. The Logitech GROUP is as easy to use as a mobile phone and costs no more than an office chair. The basic system is designed for meetings of up to 14 people in a room - with the extra expansion microphones up to 20 people can collaborate. With easy USB connection, just connect it to a laptop and start a video conference.PERFECT FOR LARGER ROOMSGROUP, our solution for video calls to rooms intended for 14-20 people, delivers HD video in high quality and crystal clear sound and makes it possible to hold video meetings anywhere. With advanced features such as echo and noise reduction and intuitive buttons, it’s now easier than ever to get everyone involved in the conversationEASY CONNECTIONThe easy USB connection makes Group super easy to install and use. All you have to do is connect GROUP to the computer in the meeting room or to your laptop via USB - then you are ready. You can use GROUP with all video conferencing programs, including those you already use. You get great-sounding audio calls by pairing your mobile device with Bluetooth wireless technology to a GROUP speakerphoneDIFFERENT OPTIONS PROVIDE VERSATILITYYou can adjust the configuration to suit the decor and size of the room. You can mount the camera on a table, tripod, or wall. You can connect additional microphones and extend the coverage to 8.5 meters (28 ft). You can increase the range of the speakerphone and camera by using 10 meter (33 ft) or 15 meter (49 ft) extension cordsHD VIDEOThe focus has always been on the GROUP’s quality lens with 10 x zoom, HD resolution of 1080p and 30 frames per second. SEC. You can use the pan, zoom and tilt functions to always put the speaker or whiteboard in perfect focus. GROUP has a 90 ° diagonal field of view which provides ideal coverage for medium and large meeting rooms, and the motorized panning and tilting makes it possible to see everything from wall to wall and from floor to ceilingNATURAL SOUNDEveryone can hear and be heard with GROUP’s speakerphone with full duplex that provides a crystal clear, lifelike and super clear sound reproduction. With acoustic echo reduction and noise reduction technology, conversations sound completely natural while reducing reverberation and ambient noiseSpeakerphone with BluetoothRealistic and crystal clear sound reproduction. The GROUP speakerphone with full duplex and four directional microphones provides 360 ° coverage. Beam shaping technology can detect speech within a diameter of 6 m (20 ft) and can filter out keyboard clicks and other audible distractions. You can even establish a link between GROUP and your smartphone or tablet so you get unique sound when using mobile apps and conference callsCertified for businessGROUP is certified compatible with Skype for Business and ready for Teams. Certifications and compatibility with other popular applications including BlueJeans, Broadsoft, Fuze, Lifesize Cloud, Vidyo and Zoom. If you have an application that recognizes a webcam, you can use it with GROUPConvenient buttonsGROUP’s speakerphone also acts as a convenient holder for the remote control and has LCD display and touch buttons for mute, adjust volume, control the camera and much moreAvailable expansion microphonesIncrease the range of the GROUP video system with Logitech GROUP expansion microphones. You can gather up to 20 people in a large room and still ensure that everyone is heard. The microphones just need to be connected to the GROUP speakerphone - they are automatically detected and configured. An indicator indicates whether the microphone is muted when a call is active and when Bluetooth wireless pairing is startedMute easily and quicklyIt is easy to ensure privacy with GROUP. There are convenient touch buttons on the speakerphone, remote control and the option of expansion microphones. When the sound is muted, the circular LED indicator on GROUP lights up red. The indicator is discreet, but is clearly visible throughout the roomClear wiresGROUP’s compact hub has clear wires that are easy to attach under the table and lead through wire pipes. There is a combined data and power connection so only one cord is needed for the camera and one for the speakerphone. The included cables of 5 m (16 ft) provide plenty of flexibility, and there is the option of additional extension cords so you can double or even triple the range