Logitech - Crayon Stylus Pen

Logitech - Crayon Stylus Pen
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Brand: Logitech
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Logitech Crayon is a versatile and accurate digital pencil for iPad (6th generation) that can help you use your creative abilities. You can write comments in PDF files, use handwriting or create an artistic masterpiece - Logitech Crayon works with all apps that support Apple Pencil. There are already hundreds of Apple Pencil-compatible apps so you can get started using your iPad in a whole new way in teaching, at work and in your free time right away.Create a better balance between your work and your free timeWith Logitech Crayon, you can use your iPad in a whole new way when using apps that support Apple Pencil. Whether you take notes in Notability, draw in Tayasui Sketches or even learn to write for the first time with the Writing Wizard, it’s much easier and more fun with the Logitech Crayon.Make your markWith Logitech Crayon, you can use your iPad in a whole new and exciting way. You can write comments in PDF files or create accounts in Excel - and you can provide your documents with hand drawings as easily as nothing. There are already hundreds of apps supported by Apple Pencil, and more are coming every day.Make your projects uniqueWhy just make your projects acceptable when you can make them great? With Logitech Crayon, you can easily design beautiful, expressive documents and give them your personal touch when working with Pages, Keynote, Adobe Lightroom CC, and other productivity apps.Unleash your creativityDo you remember how easy it was to express yourself as a child? Now you can do it again. With Logitech Crayon, it’s easy to add a spark of creativity to any project or task, whether you’re still young or just young at heart.Uses Apple Pencil technologyLogitech Crayon uses Apple Pencil technology so you know you are getting the best digital pencil available. And not only that - the Logitech Crayon is designed specifically for the iPad (6th generation), which means you can use hundreds of Apple Pencil-compatible apps right away. Only the imagination sets the limit.Exactly to the letterYou know very well how to use a pencil. Then you also know how to use a Logitech Crayon. You can write and draw quite naturally without the slightest hint of delay and without having to worry about whether all the lines and the small details come with it.Technology for detecting palm touchYou can rest your palm calmly on the screen while typing. Your iPad detects that you touch the screen with the palm of your hand to support your hand when using a Logitech Crayon pencil. You can concentrate 100% on the task instead of worrying about the position of the palm.The perfect line every timeShould the line be thicker or thinner? Just tilt the pencil. The Logitech Crayon has a smart tip that adjusts the line thickness dynamically, depending on the angle the pencil is held at - just like with a regular pencil.The pencil just needs to be lit - then it’s readyJust press the power button - you can draw on the iPad screen right away. It does not get easier. Logitech Crayon connects to your iPad immediately and without complex binding or other delay procedures.It stays where you put itThe beautiful design of the Logitech Crayon pencil does not just make it nice. With the flat profile, the pencil stays where you put it, and it does not roll away from the desk or disappear under a cupboard.Batteries that lastLogitech Crayon has enough power to write continuously for 7 hours on a single charge. It automatically shuts off after 30 minutes without the need to conserve battery power. And even if the battery should run out of power while writing, there is no need to worry - 2 minutes of charging is enough for you to write again for 30 minutes.Device Type: digital penWidth: 1.2 cmDepth: 0.8 cmHeight: 16.3 cmWeight: 20 gProduct material: Aluminum, silicone rubber, PC / ABSColor: Intense sorbet Input DeviceConnectivity Technology: WirelessFeatures: Tilt sensitive, on / off power switch, Palm Rejection technology, automatic power off, charging LED indicator, rechargeable battery, 1.2 m fall protection Expansion / ConnectivityInterface: 1 x Lightning - Apple Lightning BatteryTechnology: lithium polymerOperating time (up to): 7 hours