LEGO Friends - Magic amusement parks (41687)

LEGO Friends - Magic amusement parks (41687)
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Brand: LEGO
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Let children experience the fun circus atmosphere with the set Magic amusement booths (41687). It includes lots of creative accessories, e.g. an ice cream parlor, a trolley for face painting, a ticket window and a counter - just like in a real amusement park. There’s even a soaring magic trick!Filled with fun detailsThe set contains a micro doll and 2 mini dolls dressed in magical clothes - 1 has face paint and 1 has a magician’s cloak. Kids can play that they are a guest in the park, staff or maybe a magician performing for children - by turning a knob, they can make Emma “float” - a trick that children will love to perform for the family. They can also take the set to a play date and impress the friends with their magic! As an extra cool surprise, there are also special luminescent elements that come to life when the light goes out! Let children visit the exciting Heartlake world, where they can enjoy endless fun in the company of the magical girls from LEGO Friends.Feel the circus atmosphere at home with LEGO® Friends Magic amusement booths (41687). The set includes 4 booths with a separate magic number that children can entertain family and friends with.With 2 LEGO® Friends mini dolls and a micro doll, there is plenty of creative role play to get started with. To make the experience even more mysterious and fun, the set includes luminescent bricks that come alive when the light goes out!The set is filled with creative equipment and accessories. Children can serve ice cream, paint faces or buy a ticket to the amusement park. They can also take the magic element with them on a play date and impress the friends with their “magical” powers!Do you know a creative child from 6 years who loves circus and amusement park? Then this LEGO® Friends set will be the ideal birthday or Christmas gift. The magic elements are great for interactive play with friends.The set with all stalls is over 14 cm high, 31 cm wide and 6 cm deep. The booth with the magic number is over 11 cm high, 8 cm wide and 9 cm deep.Can be combined with other LEGO® Friends magic amusement sets - Magic roller coaster ride (41685), Magic acrobatics (41686), Magic circus carriage (41688) and Magic Ferris wheel and roller coaster (41689) - that can make the experience even more fun.This magical building set for children is part of the LEGO® Friends Heartlake world, which is full of everyday heroes as well as exciting and realistic scenarios.LEGO® Friends building blocks and play sets live up to strict industry standards, which ensures that they are of uniform quality and compatible - this has been the case since 1958.LEGO® play sets stimulate the imagination and are tested in virtually every conceivable way, so you can be sure that every single construction set lives up to strict safety standards.