L.O.L. - Surprise OMG House (577270)

L.O.L. - Surprise OMG House (577270)
Categories: Furniture, Beds
Brand: L.O.L.
269 GBP
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L.O.L. Surprise! The OMG House is the ultimate place for L.O.L. Surprise! the dolls to hang out. It’s moving day! More than 85 surprises to move into. The house is made of wood and has 6 rooms spread over 3 floors - and there is a lift that works between the floors. Here is a real pool for cold water, a whirlpool for hot water, a sandpit, bunk beds, a bathtub, a walk-in closet, roof terrace and much more! Includes: - more than 85 surprises- wooden house on 3 floors (91 cm high and 91 cm wide) - interactive features such as elevator, lights and sounds on all floors - moving car and furniture to be unpacked