Keptin-Jr - Bondifly, Lime (KJ00104)

Keptin-Jr - Bondifly, Lime (KJ00104)
Categories: Furniture, Dressers
Brand: Keptin-Jr
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Bondifly is made from organic cotton. The exchangeable wing is inserted into the body via an opening and is shaped to stay in place. The head’s filling is safely self-contained. Bondifly complies with all European and American requirements for toys. It is machine-washable at 60ºC and is suitable for tumble dryers. Bondifly is shipped with an extensive manual.Birth normally takes place after a 9 month pregnancy but a premature birth happens when a child is born after less than 32 weeks. Because prematurely born children are not fully grown and developed they cannot yet live independently without an incubator or a protected environment. To give prematurely born children extra support and comfort, Keptin-Jr developed Bondifly.Bondifly has a removable scent wing so that children can always have a bit of mom and dad with them. Bondifly’s feelers are customized for children with the smallest hands and also serve as an alternative for grabbing.Bondifly is made of organic cotton and is washable at a high temperature of 60 degrees.Bondifly is a cuddle blanket wich envelops children with its soft and warm fabric giving incubator children the safe and warm feeling of being tucked in.Material: Velvet: 80% organic cotton / 20% Polyester, Single Jersey: 100 % organic cottonStuffing: Polyester fibre from recycled waterbottlesMade inSri-LankaSize: 23 x 26 x 4 cm (excl. grab antennae)Keptin-Jr creates innovative products, that make children feel safe and comfortable.They need this feeling to relax and rest, something essential for their development. Alongside specialist researchers, Keptin-Jr has 20 years of experience developing safe products which contribute to the comfort of children.