Kähler - Urbania Light House Smejde - White (691097)

Kähler - Urbania Light House Smejde - White (691097)
Categories: Furniture, Shelfs, Table
Brand: Kähler
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This Little Urbania Light House from Kähler is inspired by the 1920’s warehouses in New York and creates beautiful and special light silhouettes with the many small handcrafted windows of varying sizes. The modernist light house, has small handcrafted windows that spread outstanding silhouettes and seductive shadows. The size, location and shape of the windows are played with, so the appearance of both lights and angles are different. The beautiful Urbania series will fit perfectly into the Nordic styles and designs. Place several light houses together on a window ledge, in small groups on a table or shelf, adding a wonderful ambience to any room.Useful information about Kähler Urbania Light House Smejde Size: Width: 7 cm - H: 10,5 cmMaterial: Ceramic Kähler - Artwork since 1839Kähler is known for beautiful products in porcelain with the finest quality craftsmanship and Scandinavian design. We know Kähler as a brand with strong artistic identity, but what very few know is that the company since 1839 has worked with the best Danish artists and over the years received a lot of international design awards.