Kähler - Hammershøi Candle Holder Mini - Rosa (692344)

Kähler - Hammershøi Candle Holder Mini - Rosa (692344)
Categories: Furniture, Table
Brand: Kähler
Size: XS
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Beautiful and elegant vase. The beautiful Hammershøi design continues with a lot of new products. This time there is a completely new vase and candlestick series. The Candle Holder comes in several sizes and colors, and you can create your own combination of vases and candlesticks.If you already started collecting Hammershøi frame, one of the most beautiful Candle Holder put the touch to your table.Useful information about Hammershøi Candle Holdder MiniSize: 11,5 x 4,5 cm. Material: CeramicKähler - Artwork since 1839.Kähler is known for beautiful products in porcelain with the finest quality craftsmanship and Scandinavian design. We know Kähler as a brand with strong artistic identity, but what very few know is that the company since 1839 has worked with the best Danish artists and over the years received a lot of international design awards.