James Bond - 007 Dual Mission Pour Femme EDP - 30 ml

James Bond - 007 Dual Mission Pour Femme EDP - 30 ml
Categories: Furniture, Dressers
Brand: James Bond
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It is not only men who can be allowed to feel like sophisticated super spies. Women can do the same with this beautiful 007 fragrance for women.The inspiration for this amazing fragrance, James Bond - 007 Dual Mission Pour Femme EDP, is a combination of the evening twilight and “Dress to impress”, as a sophisticated and seductive women moving around a casino, leaving a fragrant cloud of jasmine. The scent is created with an intense strength, created with a mix of ingredients that create a very sensual scent. The feminine notes highlight the intimacy of the fragrance with a touch of pear and mandarin, followed by flowering jasmine and cedar. The sensuality of the scent is rounded off with base notes of vanilla and tonka. This amazing scent is perfect for the seductive and confident woman who wants to feel like a super spy in the evening.Fragrance notes :Pear, mandarin, jasmine, cedar, vanilla and tonka.