Jack Black - Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant 78 g

Jack Black - Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant 78 g
Categories: Furniture, Dressers
Brand: Jack Black
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Get a fresh feeling as well as long-lasting odor and moisture protection with this antiperspirant and deodorant. This deodorant from Jack Black with the popular All-Over fragrance ensures you long-lasting odor and moisture protection. The gentle antiperspirant and deodorant formula does not irritate the sensitive skin under the arms. It provides effective protection against odors and damp stains with a gentle and lightly perfumed form that does not leave white stains on your clothes. Application: Rotate the bottom of the stick to raise the deodorant Use sparingly (two to three light strokes per armpit) Allow the product to dry before dressing Use morning or evening as needed Advantage: Effective antiperspirant and deodorant from Jack Black Ideal for sensitive skin Does not leave white stains on clothes Protects against odors and moisture Lightly perfumed